Episode #18: Pint Size Adventurer - How To Get Your KIDS Off Their iPads - Principle #6

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Episode 29 · 2 months ago

Episode #29: Movie Interview: How Thoughts Become Things star Dr Travis W. Fox - Actor, Producer, Director, Author & Hollywood veteran

Paolo Ben Salmi and Dr Travis W. Fox - Actor, Producer, Director, Author & Hollywood veteran

Dr Travis W. Fox - Actor, Producer, Director, Author. Dr Fox is a Hollywood veteran who has appeared on a variety of programs, including ABC's "One Life to Live," Talk Soup, The Nashville Network, Resorts Networks, Man, and The Golf Channel. Stars in movie How Thoughts Become Things and the producer of The Umbrella Man

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Episode 28 · 2 months ago

Episode #28: My Song called CHANGE

Episode #28: My Song called CHANGE

Episode 27 · 3 months ago

Episode #27: Movie Interview: How Thoughts Become Things star Bob Doyle (also featured in The Secret movie)


Bob Doyle is best known for his contribution to the film and book “The Secret”, as a law of attraction expert. Bob Doyle is now featured in the new movie called "How Thoughts Become Things"

He has been teaching these principles through programs, live events, podcasts, livestreams, coaching, writing, and even virtual reality, since 1998. He is driven by his passion for creative self-expression and his work is heavily focused on helping people decide who they want to be and how they want to express themselves.

Bob found this work as a result of a years-long journey to find a career that allowed him to express his creativity and value the most, and his frustration with a lack of success led him down more metaphysical paths, which eventually led to his understanding and adoption of Law of Attraction principles. Through his own success, he was inspired to share what he learned, and has continued to do that since that time.

Recently, Bob’s attention has shifted from the metaphysical aspects of the Law of Attraction or “reality creation” process, to a more grounded and ​biological ​look at what controls our experiences... our brain.

Bob believes that an understanding of how our brain is processing our experience of reality, empowers us to create NEW realities with a simple decision - and you’re not required to believe any “law of attraction” ideas if you’re not comfortable with metaphysical conversations.

Bob has always been focused on bringing these principles down-to-earth so that you can achieve profound results without taking any leaps of faith that would actually slow the process down.

Bob believes that all of this should be the MOST fun and creative endeavour we can ever undertake, if we will only allow it to be so.

In addition to his Law of Attraction work, Bob has also been a voiceover artist since 1985, and the host of The Bob Doyle Show, which is more of a variety show where Bob showcases his other outlets of creativity including music, computer animation, virtual reality, and more.

SHORT ONE-LINER ABOUT INTERVIEWEE: ​Bob Doyle is committed to helping you make the creation of your life efficient and fun.

VIDEO: ​​is a YouTube channel with hours of video.

SHORT BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: ​Boundless Living, Inc. has been in the business of helping people create lives they love using Law of Attraction principles, since 2002. Through online programs, speaking, training, and coaching programs for groups and individuals, Bob Doyle helps people get clarity on their vision and then shows them exactly what to do to make that vision a reality.

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Bob Doyle's website:

Episode 26 · 3 months ago

Episode #26: Movie Interview: How Thoughts Become Things star Meagen Fettes

Megan Fettes is the creator of RISE Spiritual Entrepreneur Center

Meagen is a High Level Business Development Coach and Speaker. Meagen works with heart centered business owners to get clear on their business, reverse engineer the business model into intentional action steps they can take to build their business by design for success while stepping into alignment with the universal laws and the greater self. 

How Thoughts Become Things Movie was created by Douglas Vermeeren

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